At Roam, we are not only passionate about luxury travel in Saudi Arabia, but we are also passionate about its people, culture, and landscape. We want to help travellers explore the Kingdom, whilst ensuring is it preserved for future generations to enjoy by remaining at the forefront of the Kingdom’s transformation and striving to leave a positive impact with everything we do.

The transformation of Saudi Arabia is mainly attributed to Vision 2030, a bold blueprint intended to build the best future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is designed to harness and showcase the nation’s greatest strengths, build upon its leading role at the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, and help to create a more sustainable economy.

Vision 2023 key pillars:

1.      A vibrant society

2.      A Thriving Economy

3.      An Ambitious Nation

ROAM intends to meaningfully support each of these three pillars by actively contributing to the success of the vision by implementing its own inspiring initiatives.

  • Preserving Saudi Heritage

  • Investing In Local Communities

  • Protect Wildlife and Habitats

  • Reducing Roam’s Impact on The Planet

Preserving Saudi Heritage

Roam will have a role in preserving local heritage and culture, which includes supporting Saudi artisans who preserve traditional craft techniques and safeguarding significant ancient cultural sites. Additionally, Roam is exploring innovative ways to revitalise Saudi Arabia's distinct cultural heritage, which includes poetry, calligraphy, folk dance, and culinary art.

Investing In Local Communities

Roam is deeply committed to advancing social development and prioritising investment in its people. This includes offering training to under-resourced community groups so they can participate in the tourism industry, providing employment opportunities to local individuals, and supporting entrepreneurial ventures. By doing so, Roam aims to cultivate long-lasting and sustainable relationships that are meaningful for all parties involved.

Conserve Wildlife & Protect Vital Ecosystems

Roam's aspiring goal is to promote frontline wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental protection. Inspired by the admirable efforts of Saudi’s Green Initiative, dedicated to making a tangible impact by engaging in activities such as pioneering marine research in the Red Sea, planting mangroves to capture carbon, and creating sanctuaries to protect endangered species. Roam aims to preserve Saudi Arabia's invaluable biodiversity and the crucial land and seascapes that support it.

Reducing Roam’s Impact on The Planet

Roam is strongly committed to minimising its impact on the environment by offering its environmentally conscious clients unforgettable experiences that are sustainable. Roam is exploring ways to address unavoidable carbon emissions and create environmentally responsible mobile camps. With a focus on the future, specifically Saudi’s Vision 2030, Roam plans to invest in clean, renewable energy systems and promote recycling efforts within the community. Their goal is to offer exceptional experiences that don't harm the planet.

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