Taster of Taif

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Taif is a cultural, scenic, and culinary delight. Perfect for a weekend getaway, explore its rose farms, Sharif Museum, and great outdoors.

Discover the year-round destination of Taif.

Discover the culture, scenery, and gastronomy of Taif on a weekend away in this spectacular region. A magnet for lovers of the outdoors, this year-round destination also brings in foodies and culture hunters. From its rose farms to the epic collection of the Sharif Museum, Taif offers something for everyone.

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Sample itinerary


Day 1

Experience a famed Al Hada sunset as part of your Roam transfer to Taif. You’ll arrive at the viewpoint just as the sun begins to dip below the horizon, turning the panorama incandescent. Take time to absorb the spectacular view and its rich depth of colour, a moment of mindfulness at the start of an exciting and fun-packed weekend.

Arrive at the hotel and make yourself at home. When ready, take a stroll through the evening streets of Taif Al Balad, acclimatising yourself to this charming destination. Happen upon bustling night markets and dip into the rich flavors of the city's regional spin on traditional Saudi cuisine.

If you're not ready to retire for the night, venture beyond the city lights to an ideal spot for stargazing. With its mountainous setting, the backdrop provides a perfect landscape to admire the celestial wonders above and take a moment for meditation. To enhance your experience, we can arrange for a professional photographer equipped with the necessary gear to capture stunning images of you against the starry sky, creating lasting memories of your time in Taif.


Day 2

Begin your day by journeying to the source of that delicious food you tasted the previous night. Arriving at a local farm, you’ll sit to a delicious breakfast featuring succulent pomegranates, peaches, and strawberries for which the area is renowned.

Hopefully, you'll have saved some room for your next visit: a cheese and honey farm. Taste test the farm’s delicious selection of treats, discovering the local honey’s range of flavours from delicate and floral to robust. Drizzle your favourite honey over some artisanal cheese for a signature Taif gastronomic combo.

Burn off some of those delicious calories in the afternoon with a scenic hike. Accompanied by an expert Roam guide, you’ll explore carefully selected trails that show off the natural highlights of Taif. Revel in the pristine natural beauty, allowing the panoramas and peacefulness to infuse your body with positive energy.


Day 3

This morning, feed your mind with a visit to the Sharif Museum. With a footprint of 6,500m2, the Sharif remains one of the Kingdom’s most impressive museums. Dedicated to preserving the region's culture and history, you’ll gain fascinating insights into the lives of Taif’s citizens, their traditions, and cultural artifacts, such as their ornately carved wooden gates.

An exclusive Roam experience: Meet Safwan. A traditional Saudi key maker and Guinness World Record holder, Safwan shares the secrets of his craft. Learn about his art’s significance to Saudi’s grand houses, the country's key making history, and how Safwan’s ancient art is maintained. Learn from this grand practitioner and gain insight into this fascinating part of Saudi culture.

As your weekend in Taif comes to a close, bid farewell to this enchanting city. As you return home, you'll reflect upon the cultural treasures of the Sharif Museum, your energising hikes, and the exquisite flavours of the regional cuisine. Your bag will probably be a little heavier on the return journey, the jars of fabulous Taif honey clinking within.