A Weekend in Abha

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Explore Abha, the scenic capital of Asir province. Enjoy an unforgettable weekend away amid its natural wonders, cool climate, and rich cultural heritage.

Discover the high-altitude haven of Abha.

Located near the Asir National Park, this scenic capital is famed for its beautiful mountain setting. At 2,200 metres above sea level, the city offers cool temperatures—the ideal climate for an active weekend retreat. Tear your eyes away from the scenery long enough to uncover Abha’s impressive cultural heritage on a memorable getaway.

Price from
$3,000 per person

Autumn Spring Summer
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Sample itinerary

Go behind the scenes on a visit to Abha Art Street

Day 1

Depart for your adventure in the mountains, arriving by early evening to ensure plenty of time to settle into your accommodation. Relax and absorb the tranquillity of your mountain home for the weekend.

At sunset, experience Abha High City. The softened light and warm colours of this time of day serve only to heighten the European-inspired charms of this section of the city. Browse the local shops and boutiques, relax in a coffee house and take in the views, or try to decide which enticing restaurant you’d like to dine in. 

After dinner, make your way to Abha's city centre, where you'll discover the vibrant Art Street. This cultural hub is home to ten art galleries, a theatre, and cosy cafes, all condensed within a colourful stretch of 250 meters. As day transitions into night, the street transforms with the illumination of beautiful umbrellas that create a magical atmosphere. Throughout the year, Abha hosts various festivals and events that showcase the talent of leading male and female artists in the country, providing a captivating cultural experience.

Visit the historical site of Rijal Almaa with Roam expert guides

Day 2

Arise for a morning hike on Soudah Mountain—Saudi Arabia’s outdoor adventure capital. As you ascend to an elevation of 3,000 meters, relish the crisp and refreshing air while being surrounded by mist-covered valleys. Accompanied by an experienced Roam guide, traverse the trails scented with the aroma of juniper, and capture the breathtaking beauty of these misty mountains.

This area is also known for the rich culture of the Rijal Almaa village and its Flowerman Festival. Therefore, a weekend to Abha wouldn't be complete without avisit to this ancient village. Located 28 miles from Abha, Rijal Almaa, with a history that spans 700 years, is renowned for its striking basalt buildings adorned with distinctive white quartz windows. Discover the history and the folk tales that have coalesced here, opening up the village’s, and the region’s remarkable history.

As you explore, encounter the fascinating Flower Men of Asir. These individuals have captivating stories to share and you'll have the chanve to immerse yourself in their tribe's tales, gaining insights into their traditions, customs, and the rich cultural fabric of Asir.

En route to Rijal Almaa, make a stop at Bees Tower Honey Refinery. This delightful hidden gem of a café is only ten minutes away from Rijal Almaa. Have an aromatic coffee or tea as you sit down to views of the emerald-green mountains and sample the fabulous honey made here.

Ride the cable car to Abha High City

Day 3

Take advantage of a leisurely morning to replenish your energies or uncover the cultural riches of Abha’s museums. Gain insight into Saudi Arabia’s remarkable national story and learn about the role Abha has played in that grand narrative through a guided city tour. Pore over archaeological treasures or discover the cultural history through examples of local crafts. Visit Abha's famed 'Tuesday Market' (open every day of the week), or wonder around Shamsan Historical Castle, a symbol for the heritage of Asir, the castle acted as the main gate to Abha from North Aaqabat Al-Shaar, and its first line of desense.

One of the most extraordinary museums is the Fatima Museum. A showcase for the renowned Al-Qatt Al-Aseeri artworks, you’ll be enchanted by the colourful, geometric designs created by generations of talented Asiri women. Included on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List, the Al-Qatt Al-Asiri artworks are explored through multi-media exhibits, helping to open up this ancient world of colour.

For your final stop, visit the Hanging Village of Al Habala. Located in the Asir Region, this sandstone village is perched on a ledge 300 meters beneath a Grand Canyon-esque cliff edge. Reached via a cable car, this nearly four hundred-year-old village with its remarkable situation, panoramas, and remarkable history ensure an unforgettable visit.