Discover the best time to visit the Kingdom’s regions

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers a tapestry of diversity and contrast, spanning from its arid deserts and picturesque coastlines to its majestic mountainous regions. Alongside the varied landscapes, each region boasts its own unique weather patterns, meaning there is no wrong time to visit.

Saudi is the perfect year-round destination, with each season presenting its own charms in different parts of the country. So, where to go and when?

  1. Winter
  2. Spring
Marine wildlife of the Red Sea

Winter in the desert

During the winter months of October through to March, the desert temperatures are cooler, making AlUla and Neom ideal for visiting. In Riyadh, one of the hottest regions, temperatures dip to an average daily high of 20°C making it the perfect time for a city break.

December brings plenty of celebration with Riyadh’s loudest music festival, MDL Beast, welcoming highly acclaimed DJs from around the world. The event calendar continues into January, when the the famous Dakar Rally is held, with thousands lining up to race across the Kingdom’s desert regions and where spectating is an extreme sport. Plenty of new art exhibitions and sporting events also happen in winter. Although temperatures drop, the Red Sea remains a pleasant region maintaining its warm sea temperature and perfect for a day at sea diving or snorkeling. Those looking for a drastic change in tempreature can visit the south, where overnight temperatures can drop considerably, with snow experienced in the highest peaks.

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Spring into celebrations

As March approaches, the temperatures rise, but the cooler sea breeze and world-class diving of the Red Sea are the perfect antidote. Jeddah comes to life featuring the F1 and Red Sea Film festival, an ideal time to explore the city and charter a yacht to explore the coastline. The crowds tend to disperse towards the end of March as the country enters Ramadan. However, the night atmosphere comes into its own with the social spots open all night. The Kingdom’s biggest calendar for celebration is at the end of Ramadan, with the celebration of Eid.

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Summer in the south

Much of the Kingdom experiences extremely hot weather during the summer months, with temperatures reaching up to 43°C in Riyadh. Still, the southern region, especially Taif and the high mountain resort of Abha, welcomes more comfortable temperatures due to its altitude. To escape the stifling cities, Roam offers an ideal tour to experience the secluded valleys with our mobile camp. You can also enjoy hiking and wellness retreats in this region. Other mountain regions of Tanohmah, Al Baha and Abha are perfect for enjoying the cooler climes and fresh mountain air. These mountainous regions also host events like the camel festival and local harvests.

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Autumn for all

Kicking off the social season is Saudi National Day on the 23rd of September, where you can enjoy a week-long celebration of festivals, concerts, and fireworks across the country. From October through to spring is the perfect time to visit AlUla and Riyadh. With the beginning of the social season, the desert region and capital city return to life with the cooler weather and a variety of activities and experiences are on offer from Winter Wonderlands to funfairs and concerts. The pleasant temperatures reach up to 25°C, ideal for exploring the desert or relaxing on a wellness retreat.

Whether you are interested in the history, culture, or natural beauty of a bustling city, Saudi offers something for everyone to enjoy at all times of the year.