A new frontier: Why visit Saudi Arabia?

Since the Kingdom opened its doors to tourism in 2019, a new frontier of luxury travel opportunities has emerged. Saudi is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula and remains mysterious to many, with its unexplored corners waiting to be discovered. From the vast desert landscapes, dramatic mountain peaks, and cosmopolitan cities to world-class marine reserves, there are experiences for everyone.

why visit Saudi Arabia
Mountains of Asia

Rich in culture and history

The Kingdom is full of cultural and historical heritage. Located at the centre of important ancient trading routes, the country is a blend of different civilisations spanning over centuries. History enthusiasts will revel in exploring the ancient towns and cities throughout the country, as well as UNESCO sites such as Hegra, the second largest Nabataean city outside of Petra, and the site of many fascinating discoveries that have changed the face of history. Other historical sites include the Jubbah Rock Carvings in Hail recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Shuwaymis area, discover animal and human figures: a window on history dating back almost 10,000 years.

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A modern utopia

From old to new, there has been a remarkable transformation throughout Saudi. Blending the ancient customs with the ever-evolving modern world, the cosmopolitan cities of the capital, Riyadh and the coastal city of Jeddah are home to several luxury experiences. From fine dining to shopping opportunities, there are plenty of city experiences for you to discover Saudi’s evolving modernity. 

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Riyadh Boulevard

Diverse natural landscapes

Although many conjure up thoughts of Saudi with sand dunes and desert landscapes, the Kingdom boasts a range of diverse landscapes and natural beauty throughout the country. The lush mountains starkly contrast the spectacular and endless desert regions, while the pristine beaches frame the picturesque Red Sea coastline. Nature lovers will be at home here, whether experiencing the world-class diving of the Red Sea, the natural wonders of The Edge of the World, hiking in the company of baboons or spotting various wildlife found within nature reserves of the lakes and wadis.

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Gastronomic experiences

A melting pot of cultures within Saudi has developed the food scene into a diverse and vibrant one. The food experiences here are a journey for the senses, taking inspiration from Turkish, Persian and African cuisines as well as embracing the increasing international influence. From fine dining to traditional cuisine, Roam can suggest and book you a table at the best culinary hotspots throughout your journey, as well as curate unique pop-up dining moments in awe-inspiring locations across the country.

Traditional Saudi cuisine
Traditional Saudi cuisine

Hospitable and friendly

Known for their genuine kindness, the people of Saudi Arabia will warmly welcome you into their country. We work with the best and most knowledgeablee local guides that will help you to see Saudi through their eyes. Hospitality is ingrained into the Saudi way of life; enjoy the simplest and most important aspect of their hospitality, some Arabic coffee prepared and served, it is a ceremonial act of generosity.


A sustainable future

Since opening its doors in 2019, the Kingdom has focussed and prioritised various sustainable development initiatives. Throughout the country there are a host of large-scale projects to align with the government's Vision 2030. At Roam we adapt and adhere to this vision and implement guidelines to drive positive change. The Neom project, hailed the ‘land of the future,’ is creating a new blueprint for sustainable living, with various retreats in development for sustainable tourism. Other examples include the new Red Sea Global project building a sustainable luxury destination, including Desert Rock, the eco-friendly mountain retreat.

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Riyadh Skyline

Whether you spend a weekend at sea, in the city, or two weeks travelling to multiple regions, Saudi offers something for everyone. Roam can tailor a trip to you, arranging both on and off-the-beaten-track adventures in these unexplored regions.

If you're considering a visit to Saudi Arabia and would like to consult with one of our Travel Advisors to tailor your plans, please reach out to us through the link below. Roam specialises in crafting customised packages tailored to your specific requirements, taking care of all the finer details, so you don't have to.