Discover the untouched paradise of the Kingdom’s coastline

The Kingdom’s coastline runs along the Red Sea and is full of hidden gems. As the world’s fourth largest barrier coral reef system with an archipelago of more than 90 untouched islands, it boasts crystal-clear waters home to world-class diving. While on land, there is plenty to see, from historical landmarks to the second-largest city in Saudi, Jeddah.

  3. ON LAND
Snorkel and dive the Red Sea

Dive deep

The Red Sea is home to diverse marine life and vibrant coral reefs, offering incredible underwater experiences. As well as the abundant marine life, there are plenty of mysterious shipwrecks to discover when diving and snorkelling.

 With Roam you can explore the best diving spots with our local guides. From Jeddah, there are so many stunning wrecks and reefs to explore. If you want to swim amongst hammerhead sharks, the Seven Sisters Reef at Yanbu is the place – these incredible creatures hang out here year-round. Closer to the surface, you’ll find a rainbow of colours on display amongst the abundant corals.

Free diving in the Red Sea

The series of five coral atolls offshore from Rabigh and aptly named, Five Sisters Reef will open your eyes to more vibrant and thriving reefs. The area is untouched, and you will witness a range of underwater features and marine life, from mantas to hammerheads and steep walls to anemone beds. Located about 200km south of Jeddah is the coral island of Al Lith. Easily reachable by yacht for the day. When visiting between March and June you may have the chance to encounter whale sharks that gather here.

Further afield is the Farasen islands, off the coast of Jazan. These largely unknown islands stretch out for 350 miles and have been protected as a marine sanctuary. There is plenty to do and explore here, offering the perfect weekend adventure.

snorkel experiences in the Red Sea

Water adventures

You don’t have to dive deep to find fun on the Red Sea, there are an array of other marine activities. Only a small percentage of the Red Sea has been developed, so it is the perfect location to experience its untouched islands and secluded bays.

Chartering a private yacht with Roam is the perfect way to experience the coastline; you can sail between the islands and take your pick from an array of water toys. Whether you take the seabob down to witness the vibrant coral reefs, stay above water and kayak through the mangroves, or simply zoom around on a jet ski, we can offer a range of activities to explore with. All the while keeping an eye out to swim with the resident turtles, dolphins and sharks that live in these waters.

Seabreacher experience with Roam

On land

Equally, you can soak up the Saudi sun and enjoy many of the sandy beaches dotted along the coastline. From Jeddah and Yanbu, you can venture inland with Roam, to Moon Valley. Here you can hike the incredible landscapes and witness the natural rock formations. The valley provides an array of activities including camping under a blanket of stars.

Photographers will be in their element in the Red Sea region, with the amazing marine life to capture, the picturesque coastline as well as captivating landscapes. 

However you wish to explore the Red Sea and its coastline, we put together bespoke itineraries with exclusive experiences alongside local and knowledgeable guides to give you an unparalleled experience of one of the Kingdom’s best regions.

If you're considering a visit to the Red Sea and would like to consult with one of our Travel Advisors to tailor your plans, please reach out to us through the link below. Roam specialises in crafting customised packages tailored to your specific requirements, taking care of all the finer details, so you don't have to.

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