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Delve into the depths of the Red Sea and learn its stories.

The exceptional diving opportunities offered by the Red Sea are not only awe-inspiring but also at the forefront of marine preservation. Seamlessly integrating education and adventure, with Roam you can experience the wonder of the Red Sea while gaining insights into the diverse marine creatures that inhabit this magical region. Learn about the ongoing conservation initiatives aimed at safeguarding the fragile marine ecosystem's delicate equilibrium.

Jeddah, The Red Sea,
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Learn about the Red Sea from a marine ecologist

The oceans are our lifeline, so we must protect them. To begin your journey, you will embark on a private boat from the Jeddah marina and head to the best spots where marine life thrives. Keep your eyes peeled for some along the way, spotting dolphins or whale shark’s that reside in these waters.

After an introduction and safety briefing, you will learn about how to experience the magic of scuba diving. This introduction to diving will enable you to explore more of the ocean.

Diving experiences in the Red Sea

The marine expert will guide you through, helping you gain a deeper understanding of marine biology as you are under the water in their habitat, experiencing it first-hand. Learning about the conservation efforts of this virtually untouched environment is essential to ensure we continue to respect and protect it for the future of Saudi and our world.

Underwater experiences with Roam

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