Discover the mesmerizing beauty and rich heritage of AlUla.

AlUla is a region of extraordinary human and natural heritage, where you can travel back in time, exploring a living museum deep within a stunning desert landscape. Rich in history, the region is home to the Kingdom’s first UNESCO site and the well-preserved tombs of Hegra. Nature lovers will be in awe of the geological marvels of the region's unique rock formations and the tranquil setting offered by the palm oasis.  

Best time to visit
September - April
Adventure, Culture, History, Wellness
Getting there
  • 2-hour domestic flight from Riyadh
  • 1-hour 20 minute domestic flights from Jeddah
  • 3-hour 20 minute drive from Tabuk

Why Visit AlUla

Visit the ancient city of Hegra, the Kingdom’s first UNESCO heritage site and the largest preserved site of the Nabataean civilisation south of Petra.

There are several adrenaline-fuelled adventures within this region, from dune buggy experiences, climbing routes and hiking.

Visit AlUla
Stroll under towering date palms and wonder through the remains of ancient civilisations on the Heritage Oasis Trail.

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