UNESCO treasures, a gorgeous coastline, and verdant mountains.

The region of Asir, located in southwest Saudi Arabia, offers a variety of wonderful landscapes and experiences. Discover its forested mountains, coastal sand dunes, and pleasant temperate climate. You'll also uncover intriguing traditional architecture, its rich local history, and Asir's UNESCO-protected cultural sites. Go camping, hiking, and paragliding in the region's forests and deserts, or dive into its crystal-clear sea.

Best time to visit
Nature, Culture, History, Food
Getting there
  • Abha International airport with multiple connections
  • 1-hour 40 minute domestic flight from Riyadh
  • 1-hour 15 minute domestic flight from Jeddah
  • 1-hour 10 minute domestic flight from Taif
  • 1-hour 30 minute domestic flight from Riyadh to Bisha Airport

Why Visit Asir

Visit the historical site of Rijal Almaa with Roam expert guides
Through its superb museums, discover Asir’s fascinating culture and intriguing history. Feel that history become thrillingly tangible as your explore the region's impressive palaces.

Meet the iconic Flower Men of Abha and learn their customs and traditions
Experience Asir's vibrant local culture first hand at the Flower Man Festival in Rijal Almaa Village. This annual celebration is a showcase for the village's unique traditional arts including dancing, music, and perfume-making. Be swept up in the colourful festivities and the community’s rich cultural heritage.

Things to do in Asir
Marvel at the natural grandeur of Abha—Saudi Arabia's and the peninsula’s first and largest national park. Threaded with hiking trails, you'll set off into this pristine reserve and discover why Abha is called an “adventurer’s playground”. Ascend its mountains, spot its abundant wildlife, and wander its wild beaches.

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