Explore the Capital’s rich culture, history and modernity. 

Historically significant and once a nomadic settlement, Riyadh, the Kingdom’s capital, is now brimming with modernity. Referred to as the cultural capital, you can explore its heritage at various attractions, such as the King Abdulaziz Historical Center. Today the skyline has been transformed, where the iconic Kingdom Tower dominates, full of luxury shopping and fine-dining experiences.  

Best time to visit
November - March
Social events, Culture, City break, Shopping, Gastronomy
Getting there
  • International airport with multiple connections
  • 2-hour domestic flight from Tabuk
  • 2-hour domestic flight from Jeddah
  • 2-hour domestic flight from Hail

Why visit Riyadh

Experience the rich culture and traditions through museums, galleries, iconic landmarks and traditional souks.
Visit and trek the natural wonder of Jebel Fihrayn, ‘The edge of the world,’ and admire the uninterrupted valley views.

Explore the birthplace of Saudi. Once home to the Saudi royal family, visit the Kingdom’s first capital, Diriyah.

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