Guided tour of Riyadh

Unveiling the hidden gems of the Kingdom’s capital.

Discover the iconic capital city of Saudi on a private tour with local and knowledgeable Roam guides and experts. Learn about the city’s history, traditions, and architecture visiting famous landmarks while also uncovering its contemporary scene, with access to the latest openings and events. 

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Guided tour of Riyadh

You will be met at your hotel by our local Roam guide, who will escort you in your luxury transfer around the city. We can arrange each of the following tours individually or combine them to be enjoyed across multiple days.

City tour with Roam

In the company of a local architect, explore the financial district, marvel at the iconic Kingdom Tower, and uncover how the city’s skyline developed over time.

Visit the cities top shopping malls and boutiques, alongside the famous Souq-Al-Zal, in the company of a local designer to understand the makings of traditional clothing.

Discover Riyadh's culture with Roam local experts

A local historian can guide you around Murabba Palance, Masmak Fort, and the National Museum, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the Kingdom’s history as well as how the thriving capital has emerged into what it is today.  

Riyadh has a vast creative scene full of art and music. Visiting the latest art exhibitions and galleries with a local artist will open your eyes to Riyadh’s art scene while understanding the background of their inspiration. With Roam, enjoy exclusive tickets to various music events and concerts held across the capital.

Discover the best of Riyadh with Roam

To learn about the area's natural heritage, visit the King Khalid nature reserve. This research facility and wildlife observatory works to protect endangered wildlife. Alongside a biologist, learn about the conservation work taking place and more about the animals that live here. 

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