Visit Ushaiqer village

A warm welcome as you step back in time.

Experience the rich history and culture of the region. Discover the Ushaiqer heritage village, one of the oldest villages in the area. Visiting a traditional Nadj house, you will dine with a local family, getting a glimpse into the past, and wander the maze of alleyways walking between the traditional mud-brick houses. 

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Visit Ushaiqer village with Roam guide

Your Roam luxury transfer will take you to the village of Ushaiqer to gain a glimpse into the Saudi life of old, when this village offered a popular stopping point for pilgrims crossing to Makkah, thanks to its flow of freshwater springs, olive and palm groves. 

Exploring the village, you will visit an old traditional Najd house and speak with the friendly locals whose ancestors resided here. The family of the house will prepare a traditional Saudi picnic on the terrace, allowing you to witness first-hand the true essence of the country's warm hospitality.

Discover Ushaiqer Village

Wonder through the old streets in the company of your local guide. Learn about the ancient families that lived here, the unique architecture, and what life was like 1,500 years ago when the Bedouin first settled here.

Learn about the Bedouin way of life from a Roam guide

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