Hegra Land Rover safari

Uncover ancient treasures on an off-road adventure.

Take a private Land Rover tour through Hegra, the Kingdom’s first UNESCO world heritage site and the largest remnants of the Nabataean civilization, situated south of Petra. Accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide, traverse extraordinary terrains and ancient ruins, exploring meticulously preserved tombs. Immerse yourself in history and learn about the captivating ancient civilizations and rich culture of AlUla.

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Couples, Family (8+ years), Friends
Culture History

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Visit the ancient tombs of Hegra on a private tour

A luxury Roam transfer will take you to the Hegra welcome point, where you will switch to a private, vintage Land Rover. Meet the local guide and begin your adventure through canyons and across desert terrain.

You will uncover the history of this unique stone city through its ancient architecture. Visiting the carved Nabataean tombs and secret chambers, such as the tomb of Lihyan, son of Kuza, the largest cluster of tombs in Hegra, Jabal AlBanat, and the natural mountain of Jabal Ithlib consisting of a large room carved into the rock.


Alongside this experience, you can visit AlUla's old town. Enjoy a meal with a local family whilst listening to stories about their ancestors, and how the ancient trade routes that passed through this region played a huge role in their livelihoods.


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