Sunset over Al Balad

Capture the historic district at dusk.

Once the heart of the city and Jeddah’s oldest neighbourhood, Al Balad is famed for its ancient architecture and traditional buildings. Today a UNESCO site, the labyrinth of walkways contains fascinating history. Accompanied by your personal local guide, delve into the enthralling narratives encompassing Al Balad's vibrant trading legacy and its remarkable coral-stone architecture. End the day, atop of private rooftop at sunset accompanied by the resonating call of the evening prayer echoing around you.

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Experiences in Al Balad Jeddah

Your private local guide will share stories behind Jeddah’s oldest neighbourhood, revealing what life was like in Jeddah before the modern city we know today evolved.

Wander through the maze of streets taking in the well-preserved architecture of the ancient homes. Note the interesting architectural features, such as the wooden latticed window coverings and varied paint colours. The buildings here were predominantly constructed with local materials abundant in the area such as coral, shells and clay, and allude to the types of family that resided there.

Private tours of Al Balad Jeddah

Explore the famous colourful souks. Sample dates, spices and Arabic coffee beans as well stocking up on souvenirs.

Discover souks of Al Balad Jeddah

Before sunset as a Roam client you will have exclusive entry to the rooftop of Nassif House. The house dates back to the 19th century and was the previous residence of King Abdul Aziz. Experience a breathtaking view of sunset over the ancient buildings and listen to the chorus of the call to prayer from hundreds of mosques across the city. As the sunset tones develop enjoy with an Arabic coffee in hand.

Pair this experience with an adrenalin-fuelled morning at Durrat Al Arous with water sports activities out on the Red Sea.

Experiences in Jeddah

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