Jeddah Art-inspired Getaway

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Discover and explore the art scene of Jeddah on this weekend tour, including exclusive visits to galleries with local artists.

Discover the vibrant city’s artistic treasures and curators.

Discover Jeddah’s vibrant art scene a on weekend getaway. Explore the city’s contemporary art galleries and installations, including the famed Jeddah Sculpture Museum. Marvel at the ancient architecture in the UNESCO old town of Al Balad. A blend of cultures inspired by artists and writers.

Price from
$1,428 per person

Autumn Spring Summer Winter
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Travel through Jeddah with a private guide and discover the incredible architecture

Day 1

Discover Islamic architecture and design in the company of Dr Sami Angawi, the designer of the Angawi House. During your visit, he will share the history of this masterpiece, its outstanding artistic features, and its connection to nature. The stained glass, ceramics, intricately carved wood and stone, and antique custom pieces make up the distinctive interiors.


Day 2

Enjoy the city's latest exhibitions and explore the local galleries in the company of the artists. Listen to stories on how Jeddah leads Saudi's thriving art and cultural development. There are many to explore, but we recommend a visit to the leading contemporary art gallery ATHR, and the Islamic art museum.

Take an afternoon to explore the vibrant, historical centre of Al Balad and wander the labyrinth of alleyways. Enjoy an exclusive visit to an art workshop where you can learn about their craft and the old town’s restoration project. Nature is one of life’s greatest masterpieces; end your day admiring the sunset from the rooftop of Nassif house.


From the art scene to Jeddah’s emerging gastronomy scene, be sure to visit the city’s foodie hotspots. From traditional Saudi breakfasts to the fine-dining options available in Jeddah yacht club, there is a whole host of experiences to refuel after a day of art and creativity.


Day 3

Alongside the art experiences, there are plenty of other activities to discover in Jeddah. Not to miss is a day out on the Red Sea to discover the abundance of marine wildlife and enjoy the array of water sports on offer.