Jeddah art tour

Explore the city’s artistic treasures.

The vibrant city of Jeddah is home to an ever-evolving art scene. With an array of fascinating galleries, Roam can introduce you to Jeddah’s developing art scene, with private access to the local artists. Blending the city’s past and future, embark on an art tour that will enable you to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage through a range of artistic styles.

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Art experiences in Jeddah

Meet the local experts, artists and historians to learn about the city’s emerging art scene. Jeddah’s unique past and modern development gives precedence to a range of styles, mediums and perspectives.

Visit the Jeddah Sculpture Museum, home to more than twenty of Jeddah’s world-famous sculptures. Take a guided tour through the ATHR Gallery and Hafez Gallery. There is also the opportunity to try your skills out at a classic Islamic wood workshop.

Jeddah Art tour

After exploring Jeddah’s finest galleries, you can witness natures best art – a private sunset experience in the historic district of Al Balad. Admiring the beautiful skies with an Arabic coffee in hand.

Al Balad Jeddah tour

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