A biodiverse untouched paradise.

The Red Sea region offers picturesque beaches bordered by crystal-clear waters home to world-class diving with thriving coral reefs. For island-hopping, snorkelling and watersports excursions, explore the coastline by luxury private yacht. The warm waters are full of intriguing marine life and mysterious shipwrecks for you to dive and explore. You may also be lucky enough to encounter a school of dolphins or pod of whale sharks along the way.  

Best time to visit
Wildlife, Adventure
Getting there
  • Access through Jeddah marina
  • 2-hour domestic flight from Riyadh
  • 1-hour 20 minute domestic flight from AlUla
  • International airport with multiple connections
  • 2-hour 30 minute drive from Taif

Why Visit the Red Sea

Diving into the warm and shallow waters you will be welcomed by thriving, colourful corals, abundant marine life and hidden shipwrecks.

Learn about the conservation efforts in the region, protecting its uncharted waters. From sustainable initiatives to pioneering projects such as Red Sea Global, the Kingdom is working to preserve its natural beauty.

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