Sharaan Reserve nature safari

Wilderness adventure deep within the desert valleys and mountains.

This exclusive journey will take you to see the natural wonders of the Sharaan Nature Reserve, deep in AlUla. Travelling across the ever changing desert landscapes, you can witness incredible rock formations, ancient inscriptions, and if you are lucky, you may glimpse a rare Arabian Ibex. Sit back and relish in the peacefulness of your surroundings while observing this vast desert landscape. A Pangea experience.

Couples, Family (8+ years), Friends
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Safari experience Sharaan Nature reserve

In your private vehicle, you will begin your journey as you head into the mountains toward the Sharaan Nature Reserve. This protected area is committed to preserving AlUla's natural landscape and re-establishing the rich diversity of plant-life and wildlife that were once indigenous to the area.

During your safari you will visit the Raqasat valley and the ‘Dancing Rocks’. These spectacular pieces of natural art have been shaped by wind and sand, creating a mirage of them moving in unison, as though dancing.

Things to do in AlUla

Before hiking in search of ancient inscriptions and spectacular views, stop in Mahlab al-Naqah valley to enjoy an Arabic coffee. End the journey with a trip to the AlUla old town, stop at one of the many local restaurants or take the chance to souvenir shop within the market stalls.

visit the Raqasat valley

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