The AlUla Oasis

Walk amongst nature and ancient history.

Discover the oasis of AlUla in Wadi Al Qura with a local family. Learn the area's history and wander amongst the well-preserved old town, exploring the historic landmarks and the remnants of mudbrick houses. Nature lovers will appreciate the surrounding landscape of unique rock formations and a shaded stroll under the palms. This UNESCO world heritage site combines ancient heritage with natural beauty. 

Couples, Family (5+ years), Friends
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Discover the AlUla Oasis with Roam

With your local guide, immerse yourself in the region's cultural heritage and explore its natural beauty. Wander through the well-preserved old town, exploring the atmospheric alleyways. The mud and stone homes that now sit empty give you an insight into the centuries past, exploring the remains of houses, shops and alleyways within the old town walls.

Wonder the AlUla Oasis with Roam guide

Wonder the three-kilometer-long designated walking trail to uncover the region's heritage. Winding through the date palms, you will discover how life was in ancient times here, stopping to chat with the locals and sipping authentic Arabic coffee or fresh orange juice.

Enjoy a meal with a local family, dine on the local produce and listen to local farm stories learning how generations thrived off this oasis.

Discover the AlUla Old Town with a Roam guide

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