Taste of Riyadh

Discover the unique culinary hotspots of the capital.

We have found the best places in the Kingdom for culinary experiences. The country’s capital, Riyadh, is a diverse and delicious foodie hub. From fine dining to street food, there is something to whet everyone’s appetite. Perhaps you would like a reservation at a Michelin restaurant, a guided street tour with a local, or even a private family cooking lesson. 

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Gourmet food experiences in Riyadh

Enjoy a private dining experience at the latest restaurant openings and discover exciting new concepts in the city.

Go behind the scenes on a foodie adventure; we can recommend, select and make reservations for the top restaurants here to suit your every taste, mood and location.

Exclusive cooking experiences

To try your hand at cooking your favourite cuisine, take a private cooking lesson with a world-renowned chef and learn about their unique flavours and secret recipes.

Visit Riyadh's food markets

Find the hidden gems and take a street food tour with a local guide, unveiling the capital's best-kept secrets. 

Enjoy an immersive Saudi traditional dining experience that will awaken your senses.

Traditional dining experiences in Riyadh

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