Why you should visit the gateway to the Red Sea

The gateway to the Red Sea, Jeddah is a melting pot of cultures blending the Kingdom's ancient traditions with modern influences. The vibrant city is an important hub for the country. From its historical landmarks and gastronomy to its emerging art scene and luxury shopping, there are many reasons to visit Jeddah.

Roam can offer a selection of exclusive experiences for everyone to enjoy. Here are our top reasons on why you should visit Jeddah.

Things to do in Jeddah | Experiences by Roam

An ancient heritage

As an important trading port, Jeddah has significantly developed the Red Sea region and is steeped in rich cultural heritage. Its location lies at the crossroads of major trade routes resulting in a melting pot of cultures. We can organise guided tours of the city, including the historical district of Al Balad, the Old Town, with a local guide. Al Balad is a UNESCO world heritage site and home to various traditional houses, souks and historical landmarks such as the Jeddah Wall and Nassif House. Throughout this district, you will see the unique blend of cultures and styles within the architecture. Jeddah is also home to various museums and galleries where you can gain a deeper understanding of the region's history, such as the Tayetab Museum, the Hayy Jameel Cultural Center and the Museum of Islamic Art alongside Roam's local guides.

Sun set tours in Al Balad
Al Balad, Jeddah Old Town

The gateway to the Red Sea

Jeddah is one of Saudi's largest and busiest ports on the Red Sea coastline. With Roam, you can charter a private yacht, enabling you to explore the region and temperate waters with ease. The abundant marine life and thriving coral reefs result in it being a world-class diving and snorkelling destination. The area is virtually unexplored, with many conservation projects in place to ensure its continued protection. We can arrange for local marine biologists and experts to accompany you and help explain the biological diversity while exploring the diverse coastline. 

A foodie heaven

Its rich heritage and cultural background has influenced a diverse selection of cuisine found within the city. You can begin by enjoying the local traditions such as the local breakfast, Tateemah. From delicious Arabian street food to high-end international cuisine, there are vast options for all meals. Thanks to Jeddah's Red Sea location, seafood plays a huge role, and its fresh product can be enjoyed at the multiple fine-dining restaurants within Jeddah’s new yacht club. We can arrange a reservation at any restaurant of your choice. A particular favourite within the Roam team is a table at the seafood restaurant, Twina.

Experiences in Jeddah with Roam
Jeddah Corniche

Beach days

Jeddah’s location on the Red Sea also means plenty of beautiful beaches perfect for relaxing and enjoying the cooler sea breeze. With Roam, you can enjoy exclusive beach club access taking full advantage of their amenities including water sports, restaurants, and gyms. For a more traditional approach, we also know the best spots for a private beach, where we can arrange a full beach set up for your friends and family. Whether you want to discover thrilling water sports, sunbathe, enjoy the crystal-clear waters, or dine in a waterfront restaurant, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Jeddah.

Thriving entertainment scene

The Jeddah Corniche is a popular social spot, home to various restaurants, bars, and clubs alongside the newly built Jeddah yacht club. As the sun sets, the Corniche comes to life and you’ll find families and friends wondering the length of the city, along the coastal path soaking. Here you will find several thriving bars, live music events, and various forms of entertainment.

Explore Moon Valley with Roam
Moon valley

Active adventures

There is an array of water sports and outdoor activities to enjoy in Jeddah, from world-class golf courses and state-of-the-art water sports to sand dunes and hiking trails. Moon Valley is the perfect location for adventurers to enjoy incredible hiking opportunities and camp in the dunes under a blanket of stars. The Red Sea is the perfect playground for water sports, from jet skis and towables to thrilling seabreachers and submarines.

Luxury Boutique shopping | Jeddah

A social hub

Depending on the time of year, something special is always happening in Jeddah, from music and art festivals to sporting events such as Jeddah F1 and boxing matches. In December, global DJs visit Jeddah for Balad Beast, and there is also the Red Sea Film Festival and the Food Festival to experience. Roam can give you exclusive access to all events and festivals in the Kingdom.

Whether you want to delve into history, enjoy a relaxing beach day, have adventurous fun out on the water, indulge in top-class cuisine or attend a music festival, Jeddah is a destination not to miss out on.

If you're considering a visit to Jeddah and would like to consult with one of our Travel Advisors to tailor your plans, please reach out to us through the link below. Roam specialises in crafting customised packages tailored to your specific requirements, taking care of all the finer details, so you don't have to.

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