Saudi Seasons Blockbuster Festivals

Saudi Arabia has a reputation for knowing how to put on a show. Crowds flock to a year-round schedule of epic football matches, pulsating music festivals, and circus ice spectaculars. The most high-profile of this annual cascade of good times are the so-called Saudi Seasons.

Jeddah Season

Part of the Saudi Seasons, Jeddah Season, which usually lasts for two months over the summer. In excess of 2,500 events—including plays, concerts, and exhibitions—are staged on the historic streets of this port city.

Hotly anticipated for next year is the new Jeddah Yacht Club poised to take a leading role in festivities.

Taif & Asir Seasons

Offering a refuge of revelry in the scorching summer months, the Taif Season and Asir Seasons beckon the Saudi citizenry to party amid the cool, higher elevations of the scenic southern regions. Expect live entertainment, dining opportunities, and—as we’re in the mountains—a multitude of adventure activities. One perennial highlight at Taif Seasons are the Arab musicians who represent the local Makkah traditions.

Riyadh Season

The capital’s season runs from the beginning of October for nearly three months. It’s a bombastic offering, with sports and music stars travelling from all over the globe to take part. The Boulevard becomes carnivalesque during this time, with its schedule of dazzling exhibitions and attractions. Riyadh Season regularly breaks Guinness World Records thanks to its knack for showmanship. 

AlUla Season

Running from December to January, AlUla Season is a showcase of the country’s finest art, music, fashion, and food staged within AlUla’s beguiling desert setting. Don’t fret if you’re travelling outside of this period; AlUla Moments throws up special events year-round.

Saudi National Day

Celebrating the unification of the Saudi kingdom in 1932, the Saudi National Day (23 September) is a public holiday and one of the country’s most important cultural events.

Amid the joyous flag-waving patriotism, it’s a choice date to undertake a private guided tour of Riyadh’s cultural treasures, such as Masmak Fortress or UNESCO-protected Diriyah. Or escape the city with a visit to Ushaiqer in Hail for an immersion in Saudi heritage.

Prefer to stay in Riyadh? Then celebrate with Roam’s luxury personal shopper experience at Via Riyadh, where you’ll meet the designer behind exquisite traditional outfits. Sit down to sumptuous private dining at a trendy new Via Riyadh restaurant or relax in one of the many hotels that Roam partners with, taking advantage of private villas, swimming pools and family-oriented activities.

Music Festivals

After decades of slow burn, Saudi Arabia’s live music scene exploded in 2016. With laws now relaxed on public entertainment, MDL Beast set about delivering epic scale music festivals featuring international stars to cult local artists.

Major music festivals include:

Soundstorm Riyadh

December in Riyadh announces the arrival of Soundstorm Riyadh featuring the biggest names in dance music and an orgy of pyrotechnics. Let Roam take care of everything. Visit the awe-inspiring The Edge of the World, eat incredible cuisine, and chill by the pool prior to dancing all night. Private transfers, including concert arrivals and departures, allow you to move to your own beat.

Balad Beast in Jeddah

Balad Beast is a riot of electronic music, DJs, hip hop and R&B staged throughout the Old Town in Al Balad. A private Roam itinerary ensures you make the most of the destination as well as the dancing, with a private boat, waterborne activities, and cultural experiences.

Formula 1 Jeddah

The glamour of Formula 1 invites a VIP experience, and Roam delivers with accommodation offering views of the track. Amid the scream of tyres, take advantage of the VIP experience at the new Jeddah Yacht Club, enjoy massages during down time, and discover why Jeddah is known as the Kingdom’s hub for art and culture.

Red Sea Film Festival

The Red Sea Film Festival showcases the rich talent emerging from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and the rest of the Global South. Taking place in Jeddah over ten days in December, with Roam, you’ll personally meet some of the homegrown talent as well as enjoy other perks such as private viewings at the city’s art galleries.


The end of Ramadan is celebrated with the three-day Eid Al-Fitr festival. It begins with a simple breakfast and prayers, before the event spills out into community-wide celebrations, including stunning firework displays in Riyadh and Jeddah.

With Roam, you can experience the festival in complete luxury. Stay at hotels or private villas with personal chefs and bespoke entertainment and take advantage of a tailored itinerary of outdoor activities.

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